Life has a strange way of working. Moving onwards and upwards has been my aim for the past  couple of years. The only thing dragging me down is gravity. Nothing else.
I'm a Differently Abled Cinematographer, Colourist & Editor. I'm driven, extremely passionate and always on the lookout for a new challenge. I love doing music videos, short films and documentaries. 
I'm a Camera Operator with an advanced level of skill in Handheld / Shoulder Rig /Gimbal setups and experience with high end Cinema packages. ​​​​​​​
Life is too short to stand still and I aim to keep moving.
The Light Pirate
Designed by Sham Ramachandran of State of Unrest
This is a representation of me. At the age of six, I lost vision in my left eye due to a freak accident. While everyone has binocular vision I have 3/4 of the same. I can’t perceive distance between objects but this condition helps me see perspective and leading lines better than most people. A blessing in disguise I think. And this is what makes me unique. ​​​​​​​
Current Positions : 
- Content Creator at Wellcom Worldwide
- Freelance Cinematographer / Colourist / Editor​​​​​​​
Clients I have worked with :
Nick Scali | Jurlique | Woolworths | Modi Bodi | Boozebud
Opera Australia | Stockland 
Macquarie University | A.I.P.A. | True Sydney | Bus Stop Films
 Sunnies From GPA | BOHIFALE | Thirteen Entertainment 
Joner Football | Rebel Productions | Kano Football | F45
Brand I use : 
Sony | Canon | Blackmagic Design | Broncolor | Aputure | Creamsource | EIZO
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